B-More Dog’s Pit Bulls on Parade: Part 1

Getting more involved with rescue and “pit bull” dogs over the last year or so, I’ve seen many great examples of advocacy through different platforms (see: Project Mickey). Most recently, in the light of this recent MD court ruling, I’ve become familiar with an amazing group called B-More Dog. They are an organization whose “mission is to promote responsible dog ownership in the Baltimore area through education and outreach programs,” (love it, right?) including things like Community Pit Bull Days where they provide opportunities for free and low cost vaccines, spay/neuters, and more. Among other things, they also host Pit Bulls on Parade at the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, and I got to finally attend one last weekend! (P.S. – Those last two links are media coverage, check them out!)

The event was so fun. We were all there to have a good time and spread a positive message about “pit bull” dogs. I took so many pictures – too many to fit in one, two, or even three posts. So I’m going to put some up today and tomorrow, and you can find the rest on Peace, Love, and Fostering’s Facebook page in the next few days. These photos capture the event way better than I could ever describe with words (which is good, because I’m so brain dead from editing them all).  Enjoy!

To be continued tomorrow. . .  stay tuned!

20 thoughts on “B-More Dog’s Pit Bulls on Parade: Part 1

  1. Tara Mitchell

    So glad you were able to go !! We missed this one but was there last month and it was awesome! Can’t wait to see more pictures!!!!

  2. Karen Wagner

    The dog’s are just amazing and so are the pic’s!! Just love this. I wish we had this in EVERY city/state!! Thank you! Have a great day everyone! xoxo Say HI to Otis:)

    • Oh, believe me, you guys are on my list to visit! And thanks :) It’s been a long time coming and a looooot of practice, but I think I’m finally chipping away at learning photography/post-processing.

    • It is similar to dog walks in that they’re spreading positive messages about pitties, except it’s not really geared towards dogs that need work on socialization. While the walkers do well at respecting others’ boundaries, it would be a REALLY tough situation for dogs who need to work on excitement or social skills around people and/or other dogs.

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