How I’m Sensitive: My Concern for FosterAunt

Fostermama has talked a few times about how much she loves horses. She fell in love with horses before she liked big square headed dogs like me. But she went to college and her horse, Marley, stayed at home, and then her sister went to college and Marley went with her. Fostermama misses Marley, but knows that my FosterAunt is taking good care of her.

Last weekend, my FosterAunt had a big horse show. I don’t know why anyone would want to stand around and stare at horses all day, but I guess I’m a dog so I don’t understand that stuff. Saturday afternoon, fostermama showed me these photos.

photo from

UH OH!? To me, a dog, that does not look good. Why does she have grass on her pants? Is that what they do at horse shows? Did something go wrong? I got worried, so I started drooling. I only drool when I’m nervous about something. Look at how concerned I am.

Turns out, FosterAunt knew what she was doing at that show, for the most part . . .

Yeah, that didn’t look right to me either. I asked FosterMom if this was a new style of riding and she said no, that FosterAunt had a little mess up. Oops!

I stayed very concerned until FosterMama told me that everyone was fine. These things happen, and thanks to an athletic and amazing Marley, FosterAunt came out with just a little grass on her pants. Crazy!

Then the next day she showed us all that she remembers how to ride, and that Marley still kicks butt – and looks gorgeous doing it (goodness, if I was as fearless as that horse…. I can’t even imagine what my life would be like!). Pheeeew!

I’m very happy I can rest easy that everyone is okay. I’m still going to do some extra drooling for good measure though!

For more information on adopting Honey Bunches of Otis, go to his Adopt Me page to learn more about him and how to get in touch.

9 thoughts on “How I’m Sensitive: My Concern for FosterAunt

  1. Karen Wagner

    Hi Otis! That’s okay if you drool! You still look great and thank goodness fosteraunt wasn’t hurt! I love horse’s too Otis but I think I love you even more!! xoxo

  2. Ohhh, my momma was an eventer when she rode! She’s drooling over Marley’s amazing jumping skills. The momma has broken her tailbone 4 (Yep, FOUR) times from landing directly on her butt. But then her Kahlua got hurt and momma kind of slacked off in the riding department… Glad your foster aunt is a-ok!

    • Isn’t Marley great :) She’s so athletic, almost too much for her own good sometimes! Also… FOUR TIMES!? Ouch. I agree… I’ve definitely been slacking since picking up this whole dog hobby, but hopefully will get back to it one day :)

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