Sleepy, Sunburnt, & a Total Success

I’m so tired from this weekend I’m not sure how many coherent words I can type. So I’ll make this quick and easy.

1.  Paws in the Park was amazingly successful.

2.  I can’t take much credit for the good turnout – the weather was absolutely perfect: 70’s and sunny. That brought a ton of people out.

3.  I am sunburnt to a crisp, in all the best ways: sleeve lines, red neck, and watch tan.

4. My parents & boyfriend were nice enough to bring Otis for a little bit, even though I was too busy to see them a whole lot.

5.  It was a very exciting reunion when I was finally able to stop a chat for a minute. You can tell I haven’t seen Otis in weeks (or so it may seem to him).

6.  Otis made a new friend, sort of.

7. No adoption leads this time around, but it was still great exposure!

8.  It was so great seeing all my favorite people from Jasmine’s House, as well as some blog followers I’d never met before. Thank you for saying hi!

8. Highlight of the day? There was a dog there that looked a lot like Baxter. When my coworker walked past the dog she asked his owner, “Is that Baxter?” and he replied with, “Why does everyone keep asking me that!?” :-)

9. Not sure who is more tired from this event: myself or Otis, who is currently snoring and out like a light next to me on the couch. Ah, to be a dog.

10. No brain power left to think of a #10.

For more information on adopting Honey Bunches of Otis, go to his Adopt Me page or email

5 thoughts on “Sleepy, Sunburnt, & a Total Success

  1. Karen Wagner

    It sounds like all your hard work paid off and the event was a great success..that’s wonderful! Congrats!! I was hoping someone would have wanted to adopt Otis, he is such an awesome dog! I truly wish I could:( I was thinking of him this morning, actually, and hoping he had a great time! It looks like he was soooo happy to see you. Always such good pictures and I look forward to reading your blog each morning. It makes my day!! Just wanted to let ya know that! I love reading about Otis…he is just an awesome dog! I wonder what he thought of that HUGE cat??LOL…xoxo

  2. This looks like an awesome event and it is always great news to see see this kind of exposure for dog adoption. I do hope Otis finds a forever home in the near future :).

  3. Dave

    Well, I think it was great that you had a representative from the feline community at Paws in the Park! Otis seemed like he was having a great time!

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