Trick Time Thursday

My number one trick? “Paw”. It wasn’t something I learned, I was just born with it in my arsenal of impressive things.

(Please don’t make fun of my Easter outfit, I’m already ashamed enough as it is. In fact, I even used my Paw skills to eliminate that problem right away. . .)

I’m one sneaky pup to use Paw so much to my advantage. Humans think I’m just being cute, but I really use it as a resource for many things. I am always ready with the Paw in order to get my way because humans find it pretty eeriezisstable, similar to “the look” and puppy eyes. See, you never know when your own pooch might outsmart you! Ha!

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6 thoughts on “Trick Time Thursday

  1. Luna uses her paws like hands alllll the time, smacking with her paw has become a default move she offers when we are working on her tricks… needless to say this means she has quite a few paw related tricks like :shake, high-5, and shut doors. Maybe you can teach him to put his paw to more uses. I can’t for the life of me get our lab wyatt to shake though, I can’t even remember how i taught Luna, it just happened.

    • I actually read somewhere that lifting up the front paws is a submissive move, which totally makes sense because it’s Otis’ go-to whenever he doesn’t know what’s going on, and actually pretty much at all other times. But who knows. It’s super cute until he bats at you and gets you right in the clavicle or something and it hurts, haha. I like the shut the door trick though, maybe I’ll try that!

  2. Karen Wagner

    Oh Otis…I just love that you are so smart…using your paw like you do!! I did love your Easter bunny ears but you look so cute without them too:) You are PAWsitively….so adorable! I just love ya and that “look”!! xoxo

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