Snuggler Extraordinaire

Otis told you last week about how bummed he was that it wasn’t going to be sunny, warm weekend – but it turns out he had a plenty good weekend anyway.

Former foster Baxter was a unique dog in that he really liked his space, which I wrote about once when I explained that I don’t need a dog to be snuggly in order to fully appreciate them. Otis, however, is quite the opposite and loves invading your space – which means being on and around you at all times.

We don’t normally allow our foster dogs on the furniture, but after a week of enforcing this rule it was clear that while Otis was obediently staying on his dog bed, he would be much happier spending the time he was alone in the house on the couch (pushovers, we know – but you have to choose your battles!). After equipping the couch with some protective linens, we let him on up.

It turns out it was a great decision for both him and me, because he is the snuggliest dog I have ever met and our evenings together on couch while I blog are so nice.  He is even snuggly with people he’s just met, like my best friend Sarah who came over to enjoy a rainy Sunday with us.

So while the whole cuddling thing was new to me after growing up with cranky Barley and then four months of independent Baxter, I can certainly say I’m now totally obsessed with it getting pretty used to it. There’s nothing like ending a long day with a big lug of a dog sprawled across your lap, am I right? :)

For more information on adopting Honey Bunches of Otis, check out his adopt me page or email

10 thoughts on “Snuggler Extraordinaire

  1. Puppy snuggles are the BEST ever! We thought we’d have the “no dogs on the furniture” rule when we first got Oscar – that lasted about until he got big enough and figured out that he could jump up onto the couch. :-)

  2. We have always allowed our dogs on the couch, but since our new (to us) couch is actually pretty nice, we decided to install a “no dogs on the couch” rule – it is killing me! I love having couch snuggle time! Looks like Otis loves it too!

  3. Katherine Pitts

    i know how you feel. nothing better than you dog laying with you while you watch tv and rub his cheek while you watch a movie on a rainy day.

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