Happy Easter from the Otie Bunny

It wouldn’t be a true holiday if I didn’t dress my foster up in something absurd. Honey B’Otie lasted about three days before he experienced the joy of a photo shoot with adorable props. I have to say, he sure does work the camera… or maybe it is just the purple bunny ears & snazzy bow tie (thank you Sirius Republic!).

Otis is ready to hop into someone’s life for good! Having him for a few days, it’s become clear to me again that this is a very special dog – and not just because of his looks! I can’t wait to share all of his great qualities with you all. Someone is going to end up very lucky with this big guy.

Happy Easter!

If you are interested in adopting Honey Bunches of Otis, email peacelovefoster@gmail.com

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