Dear Baxter

Where do I even begin? I think I’ve deleted and rewritten these following sentences a hundred times, because I really have no idea how to say everything I want to. How do I possibly put into words the way you touched my life, and the lives of so many others?

I guess I should start at the beginning. I don’t want to dwell on it, because that’s not who you are anymore – but baby boy, you came from one of the deepest darkest places I can imagine. You were tired and hungry and sick – and I’m pretty sure you hadn’t known much love in your past life – but from the minute you were carried through the doors of the Montgomery County Humane Society that evening in June, love is all you gave.

That love is what got you noticed by the shelter staff and volunteers, despite how shy you were. It’s what helped you learn to trust the world, and also ultimately win over your many heroes, including Big Bruno and Catalina & Kate from Jasmine’s House. The love you gave out was returned to you tenfold, and with the help of these individuals and many more, you became a confident, outgoing, and happy dog.  In that short time you made so much progress – a feat that excited everyone, though nobody was surprised. We always knew what potential you had, Baxter. 

You continued to prove us right when you became a “house dog”. You walked into my home not knowing the rules, not understanding guidelines, and not being comfortable with a lot of “normalities” – but you left as a stellar example to house dogs everywhere. It was a pleasure to have you as you grew into an effortless part of our daily lives. You seemed to fit in just right – but the more you settled in with our family, the more we knew you’d make the perfect dog for someone else. That’s the way fostering goes.

Which brings me to my next thought… I miss you, Baxty. I miss you very, very much. I feel selfish talking about you and me, because there are so many others in the equation – but boy were we buddies. For four months, you were mine. We played together, we went to work together, we napped together, we adventured together, we spent lazy days together, and we grew together. You elicited a maternal part of me I never knew I had, bringing me pride & joy on countless occasions. I celebrated your milestones, worried at your weak spots, and tried to help you grow in any way I could.Then all of a sudden you left. I’ve imagined this day many times, but at the same time never understood how it would feel. And you know what? It really kind of hurts. But, I would take this heartache 100 more times if it meant the same outcome for you, Bax.

While I’m sad about saying goodbye, I am also absolutely overjoyed for you. You deserve perfect, and perfect is what you got. You hit the jackpot with your new home, your new humans, and your new furry sister. Foster parents want nothing more than to see their animals go to good hands, and these are the best I could have imagined for you. They’ll take you on long walks through the woods, they have a fireplace for you to sleep next to while soaking up the warmth, they understand what patience is and, more importantly, what unconditional love is. You, your humans, and your new sister Miss Piggy will live out a life full of happiness and joy – something that was once not such a sure thing for you, Baxter.

I love you so much, little monkey. I cannot express how proud I am of you for the dog you have become, despite so much. You showed the world what it looks like to overcome all odds. Thank you for the lessons you taught me, and of course for all the daily giggles and endless happy memories. I will never forget any of it.

Enjoy your new life, Baxty. You sure have earned it.

20 thoughts on “Dear Baxter

  1. I am sure Baxter thanks you and misses you too. Saying goodbye is by far the hardest part, even when it’s because of something so wonderful as a dog finding his forever home. Thank you for introducing Baxter to all of us. I will miss him too.

  2. Steph

    Thank you for allowing me to follow your journey with Baxter. I fell in love with him and could not wait for your post ( to catch up on Bax). You are a true angel for what you have done for him, as is Big Bruno and Jasmine’s House.

  3. Jaime

    Your story made me cry… Ever since Baxter first started showing up on my newsfeed, he has weasled his way into my heart. I can’t imagine the impact he had on you, being there to see all of his milestones. Thank you for all you have done for this sweet boy <3

  4. Such a touching letter! Thank you for having the love and the strength to take in a needy dog, turn him into a wonderful family dog, and be able to give him away. Our 2nd dog was in a foster home before we adopted her, and she is so much better because of it.

  5. DrW

    Boo hoo here, too. Maybe the forever family can send you updates, and you can share them with us. Instead of video Wed, you can have an update day once a month. We all want to keep tabs on the Come Back Kid :-)

  6. ali

    this letter just completely puts the emotional rollercoaster of fostering into words. all in one day you can be worried sick, excited, proud, or full of sorrow. and at the end of the day its all worth it. every one of them is worth our tears and deserve our hearts. nothing is more rewarding than fostering.

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