Baxter is… ADOPTED!!!!

I have never seen a more perfect testament to the phrase, “Good things come to those who wait.” This weekend Baxter trotted out of my life and into the absolute perfect home. The perfect forever home.

Last Saturday we were heading home from our adventure downtown when I got an email. “Hey, I think I have a family who would be a good fit for Baxter.” I had heard that before, so I didn’t get too excited. “They want to meet him tomorrow.” What? Oh, okay. I guess these people are serious. I called them up to schedule a time to meet, and was pleasantly surprised at how friendly and open L was on the phone. Not that I expected her to be mean or anything, but I hung up with a weird feeling of “this might actually be something.”

The next day I brought Bax over to their house, and he hit it off with D & L right away. Fortunately, they had already read a lot of this blog so I didn’t feel as much need to word vomit everything I knew about Baxter during that first introduction (you foster parents know the feeling!). They knew everything – the occasional chewing, the anti-snuggling, the background – and they still adored him! After a brief human meeting, we introduced Baxter to his potential new sister, Miss Piggy – a year and a half old rescued pit mix. That is where the magic happened. Baxter & Miss Piggy ran around for nearly an hour – wrestling, rolling, and chasing each other around. Everyone was amazed at how well they got along.

That day we scheduled one more meet & greet, and said if all things went well we’d move forward with the adoption next weekend. My first thoughts: Yippee!! My second thoughts: Wait. What? Baxter might be leaving me?? But while it was a whirlwind of a process, happening in less than a week, I could not have felt surer about sending Baxter home with this family.

It turns out that my good feelings on the situation were not unjustified. Despite worrying all the first night that things had gone horribly wrong and they’d want to return him, I awoke to a dazzling email about how well Baxter was settling in, and what a wonderful dog he was. I continued to get positive updates all weekend, and on Sunday afternoon the volunteer who helped Baxter from the beginning, Big Bruno, and I went to say our final goodbyes.  I thought it would be sad for me (the weekend was miserable without my little Baxty at home), but it was actually a really heartwarming visit, leaving me with complete peace of mind. It was one of those moments that make fostering completely worth it.

We saw Baxter relaxed and comfortable in his new home. It was clear that he had already taken to his new humans, and his bond with them was growing strong. These people are perfect for Baxter – they are patient, understanding, open-minded, and totally willing to go at his pace. They are so full of love to give, and I know Baxter is just going to thrive in it.

If I could have written out the perfect happy ending for Baxter, this would be it – little pittie sister and all. Congratulations to D, L, and Miss Piggy on their new family member. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for giving this amazing dog the life he deserves!

41 thoughts on “Baxter is… ADOPTED!!!!

  1. Colleen

    doing a happy dance while crying – but tears of joy!!! Congratulations to Baxter and his new family. Thank you for giving him the home, love, and time that he needed so much in order to find his forever family.

  2. Ditto what J said. Mr Baxter’s new family and home couldn’t be more perfect. This sweet little boy who couldn’t walk and get out if his cage just 9 months ago, was running, no zooming around his new backyard with is new sister.
    When I found out Mr Baxter went to a rescue organization and later to foster, I asked if I could approve (I was Mims kind of joking…..well not really) his new family. After meeting L and D, and seeing the look in Mr Baxter’s eyes, Big Bruno approves.
    Oh yeah!!

  3. Congratulations Baxter!!!!!!! It sounds like his family is awesome – and his new sister is beautiful!!! I’ll admit, when Ginger Rogers was adopted the third time by the PERFECT family, I didn’t cry once because I knew what a great situation she was going to. It was such a relief that I didn’t have to worry about her being loved for the rest of her life! :)

    Again, big congrats to Baxter (and you) on his adoption! You did amazing work with him!

  4. Hooray Baxter!! I’ve been following this blog for awhile and wondered why Baxter hadn’t found his forever home yet, but now I know it was because he was waiting for this family to come along :)

  5. Yay for Baxter and his new family! They sound like wonderful people and it also sounds like they’ve already had a blast getting to know each other. Congratulations to all, and to you as well, for helping him move on to the perfect home. Thank you for giving up so much of your time and love for this sweet little guy.

  6. Teri

    Congratulations! I am so happy for Baxter and for you. You did an incredible job getting him ready for his forever home! Thank you for all that you do.

  7. Janet in Cambridge

    Oh, no. Oh, yes. I’m so conflicted. Of course, I’m insanely happy for Baxter and to get a sister and two loving moms–what deal!! You deserve it, Bax, and your foster mom and Big Bruno for all the care and love they gave you when he needed it most. Okay, now I’m not conflicted anymore. I know this is good and I know we’ll hear from you soon. Give Miss Piggy a big slurp. Stay in touch!

  8. Congrats to all. I’m nearly crying with happiness myself. Baxter has always pulled at my heartstrings since the first picture I saw of him at Jasmine’s House. This looks like a great new beginning for him and I see from the picture above that he is not opposed to snuggling with Miss Piggy. (great name!)

  9. Angel

    This made me want to cry! Thank God for people like you, and D & L. I will miss reading about him, but I’m very happy he found a forever home!

  10. Wait–I know those people! Those two women were some of the first who applied to adopt my Sandy (another Jasmine’s House dog), but it turned out not to be the right time–but you’re right–they are amazing adopters! Congratulations–I’m so happy they took on another dog. These are the kind of people you wish could adopt unlimited dogs :)

  11. Debbi

    Such wonderful news!! Love that last pic :) I know you’re gonna miss him terribly, but you’ve done an incredible job with him as his foster mama. Thank you again for taking care of that handsome boy :) Wonderful success!!

  12. Sarah

    Congratulations Baxter!!! And to you foster Momma – what a great home you’ve been for this guy. I wish I could ship you a bottle of wine and some feel good movies as you transition to Baxter finally being home. Thinking of you!! And go Baxter!!

  13. Starla

    Awww I had a feeling this would be your Tuesday news! Congrats to everyone! Especially Baxter! What a great job You & Big Bruno did, finding him the perfect family! And such a Beautiful Family pic, I might add! I especially luv the last pic of Baxter & Miss Piggy! They are making the Yin-Yang Symbol! Perfection! (I hope we will still get updates on Baxter & Miss Piggy from time to time!)

  14. AWW!! So, so great! I have fostered a lot of animals and I know how empty you feel when they first go but then, also, how grateful they’ve found a wonderful forever home. You did such a good job with Baxter. You should be very proud!

  15. Tear! What great news but boy I can imagine your a bit sad without your boy. You did such a great job, Bax got the best possible re-start having you. So glad he found his forever family.

  16. Trish

    Congratulations! You did a wonderful job with Baxter, and everything you did lead him to this perfect home. That last picture of the yin/yang pitties brought tear to my eyes, too! I’m also miffed that 10 years ago I did not think to name my little girl “Miss Piggy”! What a perfect name – and a perfect sister for Baxter!

  17. Teresa

    Congratulations on Baxter’s adoption. A little sad though. I look forward to hearing about Baxter’s advertures but I’m sure we’ll be reading about another foster. You did a wonderful job with this sweet boy and how he came out of his shell. You should be very proud.

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