Baxter at Sniffers Update

Baxter’s hero Big Bruno visited Baxter over the weekend during his stay at doggy day care. I was beyond thrilled to get an update — and a super positive one at that! Bruno said Baxter is doing great, and I’m sure this visit helped Baxter feel even more comfortable in this new, unfamiliar place.

First, he texted me this. I was happy just to see a picture of mister Bax! Look at that waggy tail : -)

Then Bruno emailed me over this video, which I can’t stop watching!

Seeing my boy so happy puts me at ease while I’m twelve hours away and unable to take care of him myself. I’m so thankful for people like Big Bruno who look out for him while I’m gone. Still, I can’t wait to go pick him up in a few days!

For more information on adopting Comeback Kid Baxter, click here or email

5 thoughts on “Baxter at Sniffers Update

  1. teresa

    He looks so happy! But I bet he will really do zoomies when he sees foster momma! What a sweet little boy. So nice that you have such a caring and supportive circle of friends to help and make sure Baxter is doing well.

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