How I Spent My LUV Day

I woke up yesterday feeling sorta funny… sorta like the day was gonna be a day full of extra kisses and hugs – something fostermama referred to as Valadine’s Day. Not sure why I felt this way, but it had me acting all silly for fostermama when she was trying to get ready for work in the morning. It was 7 am but I was wiggling all over the place. I think I am what they call crazy in love. What I’m in love with? I’m not sure of that either. But I know it was fun being goofy and making Fostermama laugh!

I tried really, really, really hard to convince her not to go to work so we could spend the whole day doing nothing! I put on my cutest, silliest antics to try and distract her.

She said it worked a little, and since it was Valadine’s Day she would stop and hang out with me for a bit before work. I was cool with that.

After a quick kiss on the face she told me we had to go to work now, so I put on my Valadine’s Day outfit and got my big licker ready. Bring onnn the lovin!

Work was great, as usual. I hung out with one of my Valadine’s named Dolce. She is one of those looks-smells-acts-like-a-dog-but-can’t-be-a-dog dogs. But she was wearing a pink sweater so I thought she looked pretty cayoot, especially when she had me as paw candy.

Then last night fostermama left me for this thing called a date, but I was sooo happy because it meant I got to hang out with fostergrandma! Fostergrandma is my favorite. She loves on me and makes sure I am always warm and have a full belly. We hung out watching American Idol together.

It was the best day! I hope you all had a great day smoochin on your animals for Valadine’s Day.

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