Video Wednesday: Living With a Happy Baxter

One of the things about Baxter that people remember most from his arrival to the shelter is that despite the horrible condition he was in, he would still wag his tail. To this day that is one of his defining characteristics. Baxter wags his tail at the slightest feeling of excitement: meeting a new person, seeing a dog, and pretty much any time he is in the kitchen (chubbster!). Even when he is sleeping on his bed, if he likes something he hears or sees, “thump thump thump” goes his tail. It’s a sound I’ve fallen totally in love with.

Here is a video of Baxter just being Baxter. One of the biggest joys of living with Baxter is the enthusiasm and positivity he brings to us at all times. At about :14 you can even catch a glimpse of his signature smile.

If you adopt Baxter, you could be the lucky person to greet this happy dog in the mornings, take this happy dog out for walks, and bring this happy dog with you on new adventures.

Won’t you give Baxter even more reason to be happy by giving him a forever home?

For more information on adopting Comeback Kid Baxter, click here or email

4 thoughts on “Video Wednesday: Living With a Happy Baxter

  1. We just fostered a pit mix who was like that! He was taken to the shelter at 25 lbs (should have been at least 45), and wagged his tail so much he got “happy tail.” Who knew that even existed?! It’s the most frustrating animal injury that I’ve ever dealt with, because he’d always knock (or chew) his bandages off and then wag his tail sending blood everywhere!

    • Yep – Bax had happy tail too! Except his was so bad they ended up surgically snipping off the end of his tail. Now it is finally healed, and I guess short enough that it doesn’t happen anymore. What a silly injury, right!

  2. What a total sweetheart he is. It’s hard to believe he was ever unloved and in a shelter. Thank you so much for giving him this wonderful opportunity for a brand new life! His future forever family is very lucky.

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