My butt.

Fostermama talks a lot about all of her favorite things on my stocky body. She makes these high pitched baby noises and then plays with my ears and squishes my face and kisses my cold wet nose. She brags about my soulful brown eyes and the way I just look so stinkin cute when I try to use my mind tricks on her to get treats stare at her lovingly.

Mama likes a lot of things about me (who doesn’t?) but one thing she seems to really get all tickled over is my back side. Yep, that’s right. My tush. My rear end. My butt.

Mama says she can’t get over how such a big booty is stuck on such a little dog (if you don’t think I’m small, check out some of my friends at the shelter – 45 lbs makes me a pipsqueak compared to those guys!). She says she loves how it’s just so muscly and strong and kinda makes me waddle when I walk. I tell her it’s just natural for someone as handsome as me to have this physique, and I know from the back I look like an all-star linebacker. From the front, though… now that’s a different story ; -)

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12 thoughts on “My butt.

  1. Janet in Cambridge

    I used to ride a horse named Skippy who had the cutest butt of any horse in the barn, so all this is possible! Your mom just happens to be very right about you, too, Bax.

  2. Julianne Brown

    Great post!! Love my Jericho’s butt too…I give him the pinchy’s on his butt all the time. Pit bulls have such a lovely physique..the Ferrari of the dog world for sure!! Thanks for what you do for the animals!! <3

  3. Love. this.

    How have you not gotten adopted yet, Baxter? Is your foster mama started to crumble under the weight of your adorable-ness? Will you be a foster fail? ;)

  4. The timing is perfect…My husband and I both just commented on how we LOVE to see our little guy goes down the stairs. As if his muscle-bound tush isn’t cute enough, there is a spot that rounds the corner towards the bottom, and as he makes that curve it is GLORIOUS! I think every home should have one of these special dogs in their home! It really is a cute sight!

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