Snow day: friend or foe?

Another first with Baxter: a snow day!

Would any of you be surprised if I told you Baxter wasn’t exactly a fan of the snow?

He was (as expected) pretty funny exploring this new white powdery stuff that – he was rather frustrated to report – was nothing yummy and pretty darn cold. He also raised protest when he realized access to the backyard was restricted thanks to a long set of snowy stairs. Crap.

Bax knows that fostermom won’t let him back in the house until he does his business, so he bravely made his way down the wintry steps.

And then he decided that for one quick minute he liked the snow, and he did a zoomie.

But that was merely a brief moment of confusion on Baxter’s part, and he quickly remembered he didn’t like the snow and that he wanted to be inside the toasty house.

He was much happier to come inside and do what he does best while the humans snuggled on the couch with hot chocolate. It ended up being the perfect snow day.

Don’t you want someone like Baxter to spend your snow days with?

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9 thoughts on “Snow day: friend or foe?

  1. Turk does the EXACT same thing the first time it snows every year. One zoomie, then straight back into the house….do you think he taught that to Baxter?

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