Working like a dog

Working at a humane society, I’m allowed to bring my dogs to work (yay!). We have a few resident office dogs and a few who pop in and out when my coworkers feel like taking their pups on a field trip. I try to always bring my fosters to work with me because it alleviates the burden on my parents to watch them while I’m gone all day.

Some fosters handle it better than others. Otis was okay because he would sleep when I was at my desk, but if I left at all he would whine and I would feel horrible for disrupting my coworkers. Zabora wasn’t meant to be an office dog because she would never settle down in her little pen – she was always standing up and trying to break out and caused a lot of ruckus the whole time. It takes a special dog to be a good office dog; one who will be quiet all day and who won’t drive your coworkers crazy.

Baxter, I am happy to report, is a phenomenal office dog. He curls up in his pen, sometimes not even stirring when he has humans come visit him. I can leave my desk and he doesn’t even blink an eye. The only complaint I can think of is that he snores all day, looking so comfortable in his fluffy bed that it drives us all crazy with jealousy! Nothing like staring at a pile of deadlines and turning around to see this:

If he does decide to wake up and observe, he doesn’t really do much more than this:

As soon as we get out of the car in the morning to head into the office, Baxter starts wagging his tail. I think it is the best part of his day when he gets to say Good Morning to all the shelter staff who greet him back with just as much enthusiasm. He is a happy dog to everyone, but so many of the staff members here have a special appreciation for his joyful attitude because they saw him on day one.

Baxter is really spoiling me in the fostering department because of how “easy” he is at work (and at home and on adventures and in every other aspect). It’s going to be tough for future fosters to live up to the standards he has created. But for now, my coworkers and I will enjoy the extra brightness in our day that Baxter the office mascot brings us for as long as he gets to be with us.

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12 thoughts on “Working like a dog

  1. Isn’t it so great to take your dog to work? Or foster as the case may be. I’m so grateful that Hurley is able to hang out with me at work – all the comings and goings of customers would’ve been too much excitement for Maggie & Sadie but somedays, he can barely be bothered to say hello to our customers, which is kind of his job. It makes my day so much better to have him there with me. We are lucky gals!

  2. I am so jealous you get to bring Bax to work! I think Molly would be a rocking office dog, Brodie on the other hand would probably be like Zabora and not want to just sleep :)

  3. Of Pit Bulls and Patience

    That’s awesome! I love that I can bring my dogs to work, though Skye hates getting up early! Parker is a great office dog, but he’ll randomly bark when the door opens (special).

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