Video Wednesday: Baxter & Bella

For this Video Wednesday I want to showcase two BFFs hanging out, doing what they do best: zoomies!

I have fallen in love with having a dog-friendly canine because all you have to do is put them together with a well-known doggy friend in a fenced area and boom! – instant exercise. Running around with Bella for 20 minutes is more exercise than I could ever give Baxter. He plays for half an hour then sleeps for three days! It’s great. I know you missed Bella‘s cute mug, so here are some pictures from their most recent playdate.

And since these pictures don’t do these two silly pitties justice, check out a video…

When they’re not playing together, you can find them going on dates. Upon exiting the backyard, they both put on their “great manners” hats and behave perfectly on adventures with their humans their dates together. When they’re out on the town you would never think that, given some open space, they’d become a flash of black and white fur whizzing by you.

So, what’s better than one well-behaved dog in a car?

Two well-behaved dogs in a car!

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10 thoughts on “Video Wednesday: Baxter & Bella

  1. Since Ginger and Turk started to have issues with each other mid-foster, they never really got the chance to play with each other all that much, but Ginger Jr. and Turk love to play and play in the backyard, and Turk has been exhausted ever since she came home with us. It’s totally awesome! Now, if only Turk could tire G.Jr. out as much as she tires him out.

    PS – Baxter zoomies are adorable!

  2. LOVE the video! I was Bella’s foster before she was Bella. I knew her as Maddy and she was the cutest ‘pocket pit’ ever! She got along with all the other dogs in my house and definitely ‘Miss Personality’. I’m happy to see that she has continued role as an excellent ambassador for her breed! Well done Bella!

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