Sugarloaf Mountaineer

This weekend we took advantage of the unusually warm weather and headed out to the only “mountain” – it’s much more of a hill – I have in decently close proximity to me, Sugarloaf Mountain. We enjoyed a two and half hour, five mile hike/walk up and down and around the “mountain”. I love hiking in general, so having a dog to join me makes it so much better! Baxter LOVES to walk and hike (and sometimes even run!) with me as well, so our weekends together are busy with adventures during the day and lots of sleeping at night.

Our Sugarloaf Adventure: Check it out!

It was actually a pleasantly challenging hike! Mostly because most of the time we actually had to watch our footing or navigate hills. We took a few water breaks on the way to our destination.

Baxter took full advantage of our breaks.

Baxter is a great hiking partner. This picture of him pretty much sums up the way he walks with us on the trail. Can you say totally loose leash!

At one point, we hit a pretty steep hill. To prevent any of the three of us tumbling down it because of all the slick leaves on the ground, we made the perfect plan. Mark carefully made his way down, then waited at the bottom. I let Baxter go and Mark called him. Bax happily and safely ran all the way down the hill straight into Mark’s arms. Then I could make my way down, dog free. I’m mostly just sharing this because the pictures of happy Bax running to greet Mark are silly and adorable: ears bouncing, tail wagging like crazy.

You can’t see Mark at the bottom, but I promise he is there.

We finally made it to the overlook, and boy was it worth it.

Credit for this great photo to Mark!

The whole thing was pretty tiring, but so worth it. Bax slept the whole day and night.

I know a lot of you agree with the “a tired dog is a happy dog” mentality, right? That’s why you mentioned in comments on my previous post about walking with Lily Fireworks that you’d be interested in a hiking group. Well, we’re in the works of making that happen! We’re trying to get all our ducks in a row, but in the mean time can anyone who is interested in a hiking/walking group in the DC area please email so you can receive an invitation to our inaugural hike! Or you can leave your email address in a comment – up to you! Stay tuned for announcements about when/where we’re doing the walk, and also what the group’s name will be (!), and hopefully a facebook page. We’re really excited to get together a group of people who love the same things we do. Stay tuned!

Hope you all had as great a weekend as we did, maybe enjoying some nice weather wherever you are!

For more information on adopting Comeback Kid Baxter, click here or email

7 thoughts on “Sugarloaf Mountaineer

  1. Janet in Cambridge

    Bax has truly come so far from his tough beginnings with Big Bruno.

    As a birder, I’d like to suggest a different id for Mark’s bird. I believe it’s a vulture and not a hawk. The wings are very wide and show the typical dihedral of the bird; the head looks more vulture-like than hawk-like. From the angle of the photo, I can’t quite tell whether it’s a Turkey or Black vulture, but my guess is Turkey vulture because the tail looks long.

    Does Word Press support any html??

    • Juliana

      Janet! You are correct. I mislabeled it when I was quickly resizing, without even seeing what was in the picture (wasn’t there when he took it). Thanks for catching that!

      It does in my posts, but not sure about comments!

      Thanks for stopping by : -)

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