First Friday of 2012

Hey! It’s me, Comeback KId Baxter here. I wanted to alert everyone to the fact that it is the first ever Friday of 2012. That means it’s the first full weekend of 2012. Doesn’t everyone love weekends as much as I do? This one is super special, because it combines two of my favorite things: weekends (have you picked up on the fact that I really enjoy doing absolutely nothing?) and fresh starts.

To me, 2012 is a fresh start. Because I’m a dog, I try to forget things in my past and focus on the present, the today, the here and now – something fostermom says she wishes she could learn from me. To me, it’s just the way us dogs are. I had a tough start to 2011, so who would want to dwell on that?

I have a few things on my 2012 To Do list. I’m not into resolutions, but I’m into fresh starts and fresh starts come with To Do lists. In 2012 I would like to give as many kisses as possible. In 2012 I would like to find new doggy best friends to romp around with (love you Bella, but you’re just not around enough to fulfill my needs). In 2012 I would like to eat one bully stick per day – fostermom would be okay with that, right? In 2012 I would like to change a few minds about pit bull type dogs. In 2012 I want to perfect my sleeping skills and sleep in as many places as possible (yes, I have a “sleeping” bucket list).

Most of all in 2012, I would like to find a home of my own. Living with fostermom is great, but she knows she can’t keep me forever. I just want someone who will love me unconditionally. I want to find someone who will give me belly rubs and set up a heater for me to sleep by and take me on long walks and let me sleep at their feet and teach me new tricks. I want someone who understands what I’ve been through so that they can help me completely forget about it. I want someone who will appreciate me and laugh at my silly tail. I want someone who loves me for me.

I know it’s a lot, but 2012 is a long time to check off all of my To Do list. I’m a do-er, not a sit-back-and-watch-er, so I think 2012 will be my year to accomplish it all, even that last part. Now I am going to go see if mom is supportive of my 2012 To Do list… then ask her for a bully stick.

Happy Friday, everyone!

– CK Bax

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5 thoughts on “First Friday of 2012

  1. People can learn so much from their pooches if they were open to the idea. You are a great spirit Baxter, keep those paws flying, and those positive thoughts flowing!

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