Baxter’s date with his celebri-bull crush

Okay, I’ll have to be honest – while Baxter is head over heels for this certain pitty girl, it was me that first danced in excitement when I met her at Pet Photos with Santa. I was busy helping someone when all of a sudden I spotted out of the corner of my eye our first pit bull customer of the day. A stocky little white thing, with big brown spots. Very cute. “Hmm,” I thought as I continued doing what I was doing, “she looks familiar.” Then it clicked.

“Dave! Dave!” I immediately started squealing to our volunteer coordinator, aka Santa, who is also very good friends with Aleksandra from Love & a Six-Foot Leash. “Dave, I think LOLLIE is here!!!!”

And sure enough, Lollie Wonderdog – now Lily Fireworks – was there, in the flesh, getting her picture with Santa. I seriously felt like I was meeting a celebrity! I have read SO much about this dog – not only through Love & a Six-Foot Leash, but also in the media and all over work, too. Lily came from MCHS and has been featured many times as our story of triumph for 2010, yet I had never met her in person. And there she was, right in front of me. SO COOL!

Turns out Lily’s mom is way awesome. We chatted as they waited for their super adorable Santa picture to print. She told me all about how well Lily was doing. It was so cool to see first hand what a happy ending Lily had!

Lily’s mom ended up finding my email and we started going back and forth about possibly getting together so the pooches could meet each other! Lily has not always been 100% dog friendly – she has improved greatly and is almost there, but she still does best walking along with another dog rather than very personal meetings. Lily’s mom had the great idea of going for a little hike together with the dogs, mostly inspired by what we’d both read in L&ASFL’s entry about HikeaBull! Walking dogs together can help socialize them safely and comfortably. Plus, exercise and a good time for the humans & canines together – win win!

After weeks of holidays and other such things consuming our schedules, we were finally able to set up a date. We happened to pick a gorgeous 60 degree day to head over to Great Falls National Park and walk a few miles along the canal. The nice weather meant there ended up being a ton of people there, but both dogs behaved beautifully. We had a blast!

“Mom, she is so cute…”

We really had a great time. I think we’re all pretty excited to do it again, with the dreams of one day maybe starting a little HikeaBull type crew of our own!? We just know how advantageous a group like that can be, plus we would love the opportunity to network with fellow dog people like ourselves. Who knows. For now, Baxter & I will enjoy being totally, absolutely in love starstruck.

For more information on adopting Comeback Kid Baxter, click here or email

17 thoughts on “Baxter’s date with his celebri-bull crush

    • One person is “enough people” so obviously you are welcome to join us any time! Not sure when the next time we’ll get together is, but send me your email in a facebook message and I’ll loop you in! Would love to have you, wifey, and the dogs!!

  1. Janet in Cambridge

    Bax, you are the “dog whisperer.” You are unbelievably sweet and love-a-bull. It’s is so cool that you and your mom are getting together with Lolly/Lily and her mom. I can’t wait to hear more about your walkies around town.

  2. Jen

    Lily and I had so much fun! I think we have enough interest for a little doggie hike meet up! lets work on this…Give Bax some pittie love from Lily:)

  3. I had to giggle at this… because I would react the same way if I met Gonzo (when I started following Aleksandra’s blog), Zee, Dora, or Stevie. Sounds like you need to start an official group – I have a lovable (not luv-a-bull!) pup that would love to join!

  4. Dave

    There needs to be an official group and all of Aleksandra’s fosters need to be there! I’ll be there in spirit since Bigwig doesn’t like fun. But the reason I’m back here looking at the blog today is because I can’t stop thinking about how cute the “Mom, she is so cute” pic is. I LOVE IT!!!!! I love you Bax and Lily Fireworks!

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