Baxter’s Good Side + Kibble for [FB] Comments

For every person who “Likes” Peace, Love, & Fostering’s Facebook page* and then leaves a comment (say hi! say whatever you’d like!) between now and midnight on Dec 21, Baxter & I will donate 1 lb of kibble to the Montgomery County Humane Society!! Share with your friends so we can spread the news about adoptable Baxter while helping needy shelter dogs. Thanks so much!

Sometimes Baxter can be a little shy because he doesn’t think I’m capturing him at his best angle.

Some days he says his best side is his left side.

But then sometimes he argues it’s his right.

I personally think that all of his angles make him look handsome.

His looks have come a long way from when he started. I tell him we are just happy that he is healthy, no matter what side! Silly Bax!

For more information on adopting Comeback Kid Baxter, click here or email

*Up to 200 lbs of kibble. Multiple comments from the same contributor will only be counted once. If you already “Like” the page, just leave a comment and you will still be counted!

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