Introducing the Old and the New

On my “Past paw prints” page I mention a little doggie named Dixie. She was the first and only puppy (10 weeks old!) I’ve cared for. She was as cute as a button – in fact, I think she was cuter than a button. Judge for yourself:

Well, Dixie – now named Zoey – came in to visit the office today! Baxter is officially our new office dog, so there was no avoiding him and ZoDixie spending time together. Check out how it went down.

(Please ignore the miserable carpets. 30+ years of animals back there has not treated it kindly). Baxter seemed to pay no mind to ZoDixie’s presence, and he continued to snooze on his shag carpet bed like the perfect office dog he is. ZoDixie was slightly less thrilled at his existence though. She growled when he got too close, and even snapped at him a few times (little dogs ALWAYS with the complexes!). Sweet Bax though didn’t even bat an eye.

The worst thing he did to ZoDixie was snatch her bed when she wasn’t looking.

And eventually…. there was coexistance : -)

Leave it to Comeback Kid Baxter to be a gentle giant. It’s really nice having a dog that is not dog-reactive. Of course I am still as careful as can be, but it’s fun to be able to socialize him with other dogs in a safe setting. I am still bursting with excitement at how well his date with pit bull girlfriend Bella went. Because we keep having to meet up after work – aka in the dark – I haven’t been able to snap good pictures yet. But I will soon!

Also, I’ve joined the facebook circle. “Like” my page here if you’d like a constant thread of Baxter updates as I attempt to spare the rest of my non-dog world facebook friends from them. Thanks in advance for stopping by, I love and appreciate your support!

In yesterday's post I talked about Baxter's goofy left ear that pops out when he tilts his head back. I forgot I had this picture that displays it perfectly. I love this about him!

10 thoughts on “Introducing the Old and the New

  1. He is just so handsome, I can’t get over it. I also can’t believe how well he behaves in the office. While I am technically allowed to bring my dog to work on occasion, I know my dog couldn’t handle the stress of that environment. Baxter is definitely a special guy.

    • Yeah! He is the best office dog I have ever had. Usually there is some flaw – they whine when I leave, they won’t sit still, they drive everyone crazy…. he is literally silent and well behaved the entire day, whether I am there or not!

      • Thanks for the info! I will definitely check it out as I think my pup would look super cute in one of those. Little Baxter is just a doll. I read your post for today about his history and it is so amazing how far he has come. You are doing a wonderful job with him!

  2. jen

    I’m so jealous you get to have him as an office dog! I need to wear down my boss until he lets me do the same…

    ZoDixie is quite cute – is she a poodle mix?

    • I believe she is a bichon/poodle mix. Someone brought a litter of them in over the summer and we at the shelter kept thinking “you know how much money someone would pay for these little fluffballs!!” Luckily though they were brought to us so we could find them all great homes : )

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