25 Things About Baxter

It feels like one day I woke up and Baxter was my most favorite dog. He has the cutest little quirks, each of which make me smile many times a day. He is finally comfy in our home, and his goofy personality is shining through his bright little brown eyes. I want to share with you 25 silly things about Baxter – all random, all adorable.

1. He smiles when he is happy – mostly during sleep, waiting for dinner, or playing with his human friends.

2. He is happy a lot. His tail is slightly docked because he had such a bad (or good) case of “happy tail.”

3. He has one white toe. On his left hind paw. The rest are black.

4. He sleeps a LOT. Pretty much whenever he is not eating or on a walk he is passed out on a dog bed (I know, I’ve told you about this a hundred times by now – but I can’t get over it).

5. Along with his excessive sleeping comes snoring. It’s really cute though because it shows how deep of a happy sleep he is in.

6. Shortly after waking up comes a big stretch in the vertical direction. He looks like he is trying to reach the ceiling with his nose while his ears flop backwards. It’s so adorable.

7. He eats his food really quickly in an attempt to make us think that we never fed him in the first place! Then he comes and stares at me like, “MOM where is my DINNER!?” Honestly, sometimes it is hard not to fall for it. I usually get this face:

Thanks, Jen, for the adorable pic.

8. His farts smell absolutely atrocious. Not cute, I know… but I feel like it is a characterizing personality trait.

9. He sits like he thinks he is royalty. His front paws are perfectly tucked under his belly and he sticks his chest out.

10. When he is trying really hard to get a treat, he sits perfectly and then just keeps tilting his head back as if to say, “Look! Look how well I am sitting. What about now? Is this better?” His left ear flops back more than his right and it sticks up and makes him look so goofy he usually gets two treats (refer to #7).

11. He LOVES road trips.

12. He is only a good running partner when we are headed in the direction of home. Gives away his slow “my legs are too short to run faster” pace on the way out.

13. His absolute favorite thing is receiving a good itch.

14. You can spark zoomies out of him after pretty much every morning walk.

15. He has a pitty girlfriend named Bella. Pictures to come soon, don’t worry. They are absolutely ADORABLE together.

16. He has the best dinnertime dance when he is waiting for you to put his bowl down. I make him sit so he just starts wiggling all over, all the while managing to keep his rear end planted on the floor.

17. When we come home from walks he bursts in the house and has to exuberantly say hi to everyone upon his arrival, announcing that he is home – even if he saw them just 10 minutes ago.

18. He is not the biggest snuggler, but he sure does love to be close to you.

19. He thinks chasing squirrels, deer, or other dogs is a waste of his time and energy.

20. When you feed him dinner in his kong, he fishes out a few kibbles then grabs it in his mouth and trots to the other room with his feast. It cute because the kong is so large and Baxter seems so proud of it as he trots away.

21. After a long walk or a satisfying meal, Baxter stretches out his legs. And while he is down there he figures he might as well stay there so he plops straight on to his belly.

22. Whenever Bax gets frustrated about something he starts grunting. This happens most frequently when you make a kissy face, he goes in for the lick, and you pull back a few times.

23. The most exciting thing on a walk for Baxter is the people passing by. The second most exciting thing is the sniffs every two feet.

24. Baxter’s kisses consist of one swift lick to the face, then a pause to see if another one is requested. Then you get two, and a pause. Etc. He is direct and precise in his intentions.

25. There is no better sound in the world than the “thwap thwap thwap” of Baxter’s tail on the floor of his crate when I wake him up in the morning!

I hope you enjoyed learning some of the things that have made me fall so in love with Comeback Kid Baxter. I know we all appreciate our dogs’ special antics that set them apart in our heart from all the rest. Sorry for all the iPhone pics, I just can’t capture all these moments with a real camera.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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