For the Love of Muploads: Baxter Edition

I had so much fun sharing my Mobile Uploads of Zabora, I want to share some of the ones I’ve collected of Baxter over the last two weeks. Since both him and my iPhone come almost everywhere with me, I’m able to capture some pretty great moments that show off his goofy personality. Enjoy!

On the mall in front of McKeldin! Go Terps!

At the UMD tailgate helping Mark pick up chicks.

Bax loves Fall hikes!

Pretty pic Instagrammed.

"Mom. Are you suuuuure I have to wear this bandanna?"

The nice fluffy winter coat fostergrandma got him.

I am so happppyyyy!

The perfect tuck dive.

Job title: tail wagger extraordinaire.


Look at me breakdance in my cool blue sweater.

This is how we feel about Mondays.

He ALWAYS finds the sunspots.

Monkey on the jungle gym! On one of our evening walks.

I took all the sheets off my bed to re-make it, and Bax quickly took advantage of the opportunity.

No bed is too small for Baxter to enjoy!

This is my life now. Dinner with myself and a dog at my feet. I'm not complaining.


Could it be....? A SANTA HAT!? Why yes. Baxter sized. Tis the season, more to come.

Baxter and Charlie hangin out at work.

Getting ready for his debut in the Thanksgiving Parade!

The life of Baxter. Making me jealous with every hour napped.

I love him and his big nose!

For more information on adopting Comeback Kid Baxter, click here or email

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