Debunking Dog Myths

One of the most common reasons I hear for why people don’t get a dog is “I live in an apartment, it’s not enough room for a dog.” While I totally appreciate their caution and awareness for the dog’s comfort, I want people to know: apartments can be perfectly fine for a dog!

Two Grad Students and a Pittie brought this point up on my post yesterday. Yes, apartments have less square footage. But there are tons of dogs that are extremely quiet and calm indoors, and who don’t need a lot of space. This goes without being said for the little guys – Maltese, Pomeranians, Miniature Poodles, etc. – but there are also bigger dogs that would be perfectly fine in a smaller space as well, as long as they are getting the proper exercise outdoors.

Baxter, for example, would thrive in an apartment setting. He likes being close to his person, so a smaller living space would probably make him happy. To keep him out of mischief, we crate him while we’re not home anyway – so it’s not like he needs “the run of the house” ever. In fact, when we’re home he generally sticks to the living room and kitchen areas, which are easily smaller than an apartment. Also, when we’re home all he does is sleep anyway.

Take my current set up, for example. Literally just took this picture (I sit on the floor with him because I want to hang out with him but he’s not allowed on the couch in case his future adopters don’t want him up there).

Baxter is happiest just hanging out next to me. It’s not like he likes to walk laps around the house to be comfortable. In fact, I’m pretty sure if you suggested that to him he would laugh in your face.  Plus, he would rather go outside with you anyway than by himself. Who needs a big yard when you prefer going on walks?

Like I said, his M.O. is sleeping on his dog bed. At all times.

So I hope there is no one out there who is in love with him but won’t speak up because they live in an apartment.  Apartment, house, straw hut…. I’m sure Bax would like it all!

8 thoughts on “Debunking Dog Myths

  1. I am so glad you wrote this. I just always get the “isn’t she cramped up all day” comment from people all the time. But if you met Havi and hung out with her, she just sleeps all day, in a little ball, on the couch. So I am glad you let people know Baxter is even up for the straw hut option ;).

    Also, I use! We budget to death over here because of our loans, I think I might write something up on our human budget too! Ugh, why isnt everything free?!

  2. It’s so true! Even when people have large dogs in large houses do those dogs actually run around in the house all day? I’d be very surprised. And you should never leave a dog out unattended in the yard anyway.
    I live in an apartment with my 70lb American Bulldog (and currently a 10lb chihuahua foster). Its just a one bed with a little box room and we don’t have any problems. I do have a shared yard now but when I got him I lived in a townhouse and he got all his exercise through walks (and occasional extra time on the treadmill when the Chicago winter was too cold to stay outside for long). It sounds like Baxter doesn’t need as much exercise as my Billy so if we’re fine in a small space, he’d be a superstar!

  3. We have a very crazy, very active medium-sized rescue in our small duplex. Since we don’t have a fenced yard, I don’t consider it to be that different from an apartment. Our dog only stays on the one floor as our cat rules the downstairs. She prefers to be with us as much as possible and would much rather go for walks than hang out in the backyard alone. Even though she is hyperactive, we have made it work. No matter what your lifestyle, there is usually a dog for you!

    Great post!

  4. My trainer yells at me for allowing our fosters on the couch. Whoops! Izzy is allowed and I just have to pick my battles sometimes.

    Not to mention, we live in an apartment too and the floor space is limited. So hop up on the couch!

  5. I loved reading this because we always hear the same thing; people think because they live in an apartment they can’t have a dog. We have our two 75lb pups (and the occasional pittie foster) in our 2 bedroom here in Chicago. We all do just fine, and we actually enjoy the walks because our dogs absolutely love meeting new people. And great way to show just how adoptable Baxter is!

  6. Lisa

    Wish all shelters, rescues, etc, thought the way ours does! My friends just got turned down to adopt a beagle from a rescue solely because they live in an apartment. :( They were ready to give up and go to a pet store, but I convinced them to come by the shelter today, so they’d see we’re not all like that. It’s sad that people who want to give a shelter pet a good home are turned away and made to feel like their only option is a pet store puppy. Fortunately, they left our shelter with a much better impression. :) They’d love Bax – but pits aren’t allowed in their apartment complex. :(

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