Baxter Rests Up for Turkey Day

Everyone knows the week before the week of Thanksgiving is the worst. You’re so excited about the holidays, but they’re still so far away! Well Comeback Kid Bax decided to embrace the dreary week he is facing the best way he knows how: by sleeping.This dog can sleep off his blues like the best of em.

CK Baxter knows how well sleeping passes the time. He also know how much his humans like it when his two speeds are: (1) walk and (2) sleep. Sprinkle the occasional zoomie in there and you’ve got the quiet little house dog you’ve always dreamed of (who is still very happy to join you for exercise). It makes me very jealous though when I leave the house for work and he is snoozing in his crate – why can’t I be like Baxter and lounge around all the time! Maybe I’ll just join him. Wake us up at Thanksgiving.

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4 thoughts on “Baxter Rests Up for Turkey Day

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