“How To” by Baxter: Volume 2

Speaking of comfortable…..

How to show off, according to Baxter: Upside down, of course!!

Showing off his new blue hoodie.

Showing off his “Adopt Me” vest at Dog Days of Downtown Silver Spring.

Showing off his new…. wait, is that what you think it is?

Yes, it is a Sirius Republic collar!

What do you think!? I can’t even contain myself…. I LOVE IT!!! I mean, Bax is handsome enough to look good in anything – but I can’t get over how well this pattern fits him.

This sleepy little monkey loves his new collar. It will follow him to his new home, a tradition I’ve stolen (because I love it so much) from Love & a Six Foot Leash. And he would like to REALLY REALLY thank his favorite fosteraunt for getting it for him.


For more information on adopting Comeback Kid Baxter, click here or email peacelovefoster@gmail.com.

4 thoughts on ““How To” by Baxter: Volume 2

  1. I love that Sirius Republic collar – very Captain America – which I think fits Baxter really well! Alex started a great tradition with that and I think I might “borrow” it too!

  2. Janet in Cambridge

    Bax, you are one handsome dude and one crazy squirrel! Hugs and kisses and lotsa luck finding your new home. It’s out there, I know it!

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