More CK Bax!

So Comeback Kid Baxter took the liberty of introducing himself on Sunday, and I’m here now to share a little bit more about this sweet boy.

Baxter came to the Montgomery County Humane Society in June in pretty rough shape. He was rehabilitated as much as possible there, and was then scooped up by the incredible rescue Jasmine’s House. The set up at Jasmine’s House is a big house with kennels for many dogs on a ton of gorgeous land. They have room to run and play, and they have extraordinary people who care for them day and night.

CK Bax improved light-years at the farm thanks to the work and TLC of the Jasmine’s House folks. When he reached the point where his best opportunity to excel would be in a foster home, an email landed in my inbox. Because of his past he wasn’t exactly perfect yet, but my quiet, animal-free house is a great place to help a dog like this grow and learn. I was torn about whether or not I could provide for him what he needed, but after meeting him for a second time (the first time was in the shelter and didn’t count), I was sold.

Because Baxter came to MCHS as a stray then went straight to Jasmine’s House, he has never truly lived in a household setting. When he came to us there was so much unknown, so much uncertainty – we just had no idea what to expect. But CK Bax has turned out to be wonderful. Of course he needs guidance, structure, correction… but as he learns what is expected of him he is becoming better and better.  He is such a happy dog and shows so much promise; I envy the home that will end up with him.

I know it is going to be a long and maybe not the easiest journey, but as he snores on the floor at my feet I also know I am lucky to be his fostermom. I’m sure he is going to teach me more than I will ever teach him.

CK Bax, you are going to make an incredible dog for your forever family!

Already getting good at "being a dog" : -)

8 thoughts on “More CK Bax!

  1. He is just so cute! Congratulations! I am sure he will thrive in your home with you. After all, he’s already learned the skill of seeking out sunbeams. :-) I can’t wait to read about him in the future!

  2. The hardest part of bringing a dog in, as you know, are those first few days/weeks when everything is new and no one knows what to expect. So happy to read that CK Baxter is starting to get the hang of his new role as Happy Dog so he can leave his past, whatever it was, behind.

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