Introducing Comeback Kid Baxter.

Hi! My name is Baxter. My fostermama keeps adding “Comeback Kid” in front of it for some reason, saying how I’ve come such a long way from where I started. I’m not sure what she’s talking about, I just like the way it makes her smile.

I am two years old and I have been through a lot in my time. Doesn’t matter to me, though – I just want to have fun! Meeting new people is my favorite way to have fun. I used to get a little scared by humans I didn’t know, but then I realized you all are just a bunch of BFGs: Big Friendly Giants. Now I seek out every human in the room so I can say “Hi!” Yep, just like that: “HI!” (wag wag wag).

My other favorite thing to do is go on walks. Betcha don’t know how much stamina a studly pup like me has, do ya? When fostermom puts on my Maryland Terps jersey, her friends say I look like a football player. Little do they know I’m way too gentle to be a football player. But don’t tell them that! Fostermom says it’s really great how nicely I walk on a leash, even with all those big muscles.  Hey, I just like to enjoy the day. What’s the big hurry?

I only got here to this new place a few days ago. I kinda miss my old pals back on the farm, and my two favorite rescuemoms. They said this would be good for me though, so I could learn something called “manners”. What the heck are “manners” anyway? My new fostermom keeps telling me words like “sit” and “stay”. She gives me hotdogs when she says those words (I guess I’m doing something right?), so I’m thinking I kinda like this manners game! I also like how at this new place I can splay out on the floor while all the humans stare at this glowing screen that has other humans on it. The carpet is comfy, especially when it has a big squishy dog bed on it, and I really like being with my new pack.

Fostermom told me that I should be excited about all the big adventures we have planned. She keeps mentioning these things called “adoption shows” and “obedience classes” and “hiking trips”.  She also says that I’m looking for my forever home. Something about the word “forever” just makes me feel all fuzzy inside. I sure hope it means what I think it means!

So for all the things I’ve gone through in the past, it sure looks like I have an exciting future. Lucky me! Here are some images of me. I think this is why fostermom followed me around with a black block all weekend. Hmm, who knows!

She is getting out the leash…. wahoo, gotta go!

Great to meet ya!

~ Bax

20 thoughts on “Introducing Comeback Kid Baxter.

  1. Rob

    When Georgia came around, I always felt bad about not having met Baxter, but I’m so glad to see him here. Best of luck finding him a home!

    -Rob (G’s dad)

  2. Debra L

    I’m so happy you are fostering Baxter. I’ve been following his story from afar and am completely in love with his big face. Sending best forever family vibes to you both.

  3. Baxter!! I was lucky enough to meet this sweet guy several times at the farm, and just fell in love with him (as most people do). I found your blog through Aleksandra’s blog and I’m so happy to see that you’re fostering him now! He is such a good boy. I have some photos of him that I took to try to help get him adopted, let me know if you’d like me to email them to you. Looking forward to reading more about Baxter’s adventures! :)

    • Hi Mary! Yes, I have seen your photos on the Jasmine’s House website and I love them! He has been wonderful to have. Stay tuned to keep updated on him : ) it’s the least I can do for all you wonderful people who took a part in his progress.

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