The Bearer of Good News.

Holy MIA! I feel like I’ve been gone from here for a lifetime. After a long, long week and weekend – it is finally over. The madness that was planning my first fundraising gala is now complete (well, the tough part at least). Love Ball was a huge success! More about that later. I am blessed to have multiple victories to share with you, but I’ll start with the more relevant and exciting one first.

Any guesses as to who it is about?

What about now?

How about now? Okay, I’ll give you a clue:

Yup. I’m here to make the happy announcement that, right before it was my turn to take her, Curious Georgia has been adopted! Oh happy day.

It felt like the blink of eye from the time I met Georgia at the shelter to the time I got the email all foster parents love – the “everything is going well and dog is happy in new home” email. Just like our realization that Georgia needed to be our next foster dog, pairing her with her new family seemed like a no brainer. You see, there was this wonderful couple that fell in love with Zabora a few months ago. While Zabora fell in love right back, there was roughly a 110% chance she would not fall in love with their two kitties. So because everything happens for a reason, Georgia – the dog who loves all creatures great and small – instantly earned the title of “our perfect dog” for her new family.

I can’t even begin to spell out how oddly/wonderfully everything has worked out with the last two fosters. When we first approached the subject of Zabora, we were hoping to have her adopted before Aleksandra left, though we didn’t have our hearts set on it. At that point I don’t think we ever imaged getting two dogs out before her move! Like Aleksandra mentioned, it just goes to show what can happen if you take a chance and do the little amount that you can. These two girls are two lives saved, which in actuality is four lives saved because of the cage space it freed up in the shelter. Not to mention the wealth of love and learning we the humans got from these two incredible dogs. Seriously, cheers to that.

It’s a bummer I won’t get to know Miss Georgia better, but I sure won’t complain! I am thrilled about her new life. Plus I know there will be another pup waiting for my love and care as soon as I am ready.

Congrats, Curious G. May your life forever be full of new sniffs, plentiful zoomie space, and many warm laps.

4 thoughts on “The Bearer of Good News.

  1. Hi there! We follow Aleksandra & Ben’s blog, and they were kind enough to clue us in about YOUR blog! Of course we’ve heard about Georgia being adopted but it never hurts to celebrate twice!

  2. I also found out about your blog through Aleksandra and I am so glad she shared the link!

    Congratulations on all your success, with the Love Ball and with Georgia. I can’t wait to read more about the former and I am thrilled for the latter!


    I’ve missed reading your great blog! It’s always full of happy, loving news about our favorite 4 legged spirits. The work you do is priceless Juliana.

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