Easy Going.

I finally had a few free hours to hang out with Miss Georgia last Friday night. She helped me relax and gear up for the Baltimore Running Festival the next morning where I was running the half marathon. Races like that are great because you work so hard to train and complete it, and you usually have a reason behind running it. I’ve always ran for my aunt who has cancer, but I recently found out there were people from Jasmine’s House (Zabora & Georgia’s rescue) who were running for pittys! How cool is that? I hope some day cancer will be gone forever and I can put my strides towards pit bull rescues.

Anyway, my mind was going one hundred different directions after a week of weeding through Love Ball logistics. I needed to relax, refocus, and prep for the 13 miles I was facing the next day. That wasn’t going to happen, but then super Georgia came to the rescue.

She gently walked over to me, stared at me with her big brown eyes, and said, “Hey, relax. What’s the rush? I don’t see any reason to do much more than just lay around and chill out.” She happens to be really convincing, so I joined her. On the couch, on the floor – she will get you to hang out with her anywhere.

Georgia just being Georgia.

Georgia is so laid back and relaxed. She isn’t necessarily one of those dogs that falls asleep everywhere, but she likes to lay and to be – especially if it is close to you (or her fosterbrother, Chick). She couldn’t get out of Aleks’ lap. It was so adorable. Want a dog that makes you stop, take a breath, and enjoy a quiet moment to yourself? Curious Georgia is your girl.

I am pretty sure she lives by one of my favorite sayings: Keep Calm and Carry On.

And yes, she tucked herself in.

4 thoughts on “Easy Going.

  1. you are so right– she is totally a “keep calm and carry on” kind of dog! she and chick are both curled up into little lima bean shapes, side by side, snoring like giant motorcycles right now :)

  2. I’ll be excited to see who you foster next! Will you pull from Jasmine’s House? My Current foster Sandy is from Washington Humane Society, but I’m fostering her through Jasmine’s. I don’t think she’s quite so calm as Georgia!

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