Dear Little Zee.

Hey pretty girl! How are your new digs? Have you found your most favorite spot on the floor yet? What about the best place to keep an eye on kitchen happenings? Do your parents watch as much stupid tv as you and I did? I sure do miss you.

I have to be honest, Z – I wasn’t really sold on you at first. My first experience with you was literally nothing but loud, high pitched whining and barking for about 40 minutes as we attempted to crate test you. Then when I brought you back to my desk to hang out with me, you nearly busted out of the pen like I was the absolute worst person to be around. I thought you were one of those dogs uninterested in people they didn’t know, totally aloof.  But I still agreed to take you home, and thank goodness that I did.

Turns out you were the 180 degree polar opposite of my first impression. You are a testament to what the stress of shelter life can take out of a dog’s personality. I brought you home from your spay, you plopped down at daddy’s feet, and you were perfect. I remember the first day when you were feeling all sorts of yucky, and mama felt so bad for you she ran all over the house looking for sheets to make you the perfect bed. You were so sleepy, but you would look up at us every once in a while and your eyes seemed to be filled with gratitude.  It seems that is the way you live your life, Z – like you have to thank everyone for something.

Your way of thanking my family was shown in the happy-go-lucky attitude you exuded constantly.  Whether it was coming home after a long work day to the waggiest of all tails and biggest of all pit bull smiles, or the spring in your step you had on our walks, or the ability you had to find every sittable lap in the room – you brought joy to us at all times.

Well, little Z, I have something to thank you for. I want to thank you for showing not only everyone else in the world, but also myself, the potential that every dog has. You transformed from an old, creaky, overlooked pit bull, to an example of the idea that “there is good in every situation”.  With your humble beginnings and low odds, you brought positivity – from the community bond you created, to the lives you touched with your bumbling, to the dogs you saved by raising elderbull awareness. Lady Z, I’d say you’re a bona fide hero.

Hero status aside, you will always just be my little Borabora. Watching you go off to forever green pastures makes my heart burst with happiness, because that is all I could ever want for you. You really are something special, arentcha? That must be why I still look for you at the edge of my bed in the morning. Maybe it’s why I still leave the door open when I go to grab something in the car, expecting for a little monkey to trot out after me. It is definitely why this house just seems so empty and quiet without a little Zaza pitter-pattering around.

Thanks for making such an impression on all of us, Zabora. You are truly irreplaceable! I am grateful for the time we spent together, and I know you will bring enormous amounts of happiness to your new family.

Love you pretty girl!

11 thoughts on “Dear Little Zee.

  1. Nancy

    You can put love into words better than anyone I know. Surely it was your wri
    ting that “sold” her new parents…it was a win/lose situation. Win for them and Miss Z and lose for your heart!

  2. Awwww, what a touching letter. Shelter stress is so sad, too many good pets never get a chance to show you who they really are. Little Zee is a lucky gal. Thank you for sharing this. It got me all weepy at work!

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