Time for New Beginnings.

Friday was a rainy day, so naturally we spent it doing all of the things Zabora is best at. We laid in bed together snuggling till an absurd hour of the morning, we crawled upstairs to get breakfast only to crawl up on the couch for some trashy TV, we took cat naps galore, we enjoyed the sound of rain outside, she gave lots of kisses and I happily received them.

We went on a walk to our favorite place and explored the beautiful scenery. We played with toys while Zabora hogged all of the bed. Z really loves those toys; I think they remind her of all of her babies. Then we got excited for a car ride. Zabora was so lucky – she got to sit on fostermom’s lap and stick her head out of the window! It was a really great day.

Then, after all that, we ended up at a new place, and there was a new person. This person is genuine, loving, caring, and appreciative. This person was beyond happy to see Z, with the tingling excitement for things to come radiating about her. This person is Zabora’s new forever home, because Little Miss Z has been adopted.

I watched as Z trotted off to her new car behind her new person – happy as a clam. Of course it made my heart drop knowing I would never snuggle with that little monkey body ever again, but she is in the absolute best of hands we could ever ask for. This little pit bull, so full of love and enthusiasm, deserves a family just as loving and willing to give their whole heart to her – and that is exactly what she found.

5 thoughts on “Time for New Beginnings.

  1. Lynnie

    The joyous tears of love when you happily say good-bye and be well. The joyous meeting of eyes of the 2 people who care so much for this life on 4 legs standing between you. The grateful knowing that all will be well for Zabora for the rest of her life and you helped to provide that for her. The slow, grinning, turning away as you look toward the next life on four legs to be entrusted to you. What a wonderful life you live.

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