Spreading the Dog Bug.

Zabora is one of those dogs that radiates an outgoing, friendly vibe to everyone she meets. They fall in love with her waggy rear end that says “I love meeting you! I really, really do!” and they are instantly charmed by her kisses (after wiping off the slobber, of course). It makes me happy to see the happiness she brings to others. Dog love is so contagious, in the best way.

My girlfriends and I got together this weekend, and I brought Z along to spread her pitty love. I am happy to have the opportunity to share with my friends how great pit bulls can be. Just like so many other people, my friends haven’t exactly interacted with bully breeds too much in their lifetime. I’m glad they’re so open to me bringing my fosters around, even if initially some of them were a little uneasy. I remember when I first introduced them to Otis. Before they met him someone said skeptically, “wait…. he is a pit bull?” only to fall in love with his big square head, lanky brindle legs, and laid back attitude (hmm, sound like so many pittys you’ve met?). Now they are always excited to meet my pups, no matter what the breed (they also happen to be a very supportive bunch, which might help a little : -)).

We had a great time this weekend. See for yourself!

Sorry about the horrible photography, but this shot really shows how well Little Z fits in:

I think one of the best parts about having a dog is being able to share them with others. That and the snuggles, and the walks, and the silly antics, and the happy-go-lucky attitudes… okay, maybe there are a lot of “best parts” about having a dog. What is your favorite part?

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