GDT #4: Zabora is Always Up for a Good Adventure.

The weather seems to have cooled down over night, bringing the comforting feelings of Autumn. I bought a pumpkin spice latte, drove with the windows down and the heat on, and broke out my favorite cool weather jacket in preparation for the season. I absolutely love fall, mostly because of the foliage and the smells and the constant reminders of evening football games past. Fall is the happy time where you still love the cold weather because you just endured three months of scorching heat and humidity, and of course the time when the three best holidays take place: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the entire month of Christmas – I mean, December.

Anyway, with the cooler weather last weekend I knew I had to take my favorite little dog to my favorite place with one of my favorite people. I packed Zabora up and off we went to the C&O Canal, a place loaded with history and gorgeous scenery. Its miles of paths are perfect for going on “thinking walks” when paying attention to where you’re going is the last thing you feel like doing. Because Zabora is so 100% perfect on a leash, I knew she would be the best canal adventuring partner. Not to mention she loves a relaxing stroll!

It was a great afternoon. As expected, Zabora was a wonderful bumbling walking companion. She came along for frozen yogurt after wards, so she could say hi and give licks to everyone she saw.  I love when people have the “oh, she’s friendly!?” reaction to her big jaws and muscular stature. After all, that is what we are here for : -)

Here are some adorable pictures from the adventure. Zabora was excited!

See why I love it? Just imagine when the leaves will all be golden and red.

She fits so well with the scenery. Hi pretty girl.

Silly Z really wanted to know what was inside the lock houses! What a goof!

Do you see those skid marks? Well yours truly, aka Miss Coordinated, slipped right on her butt straight in to the mud. It was horrible. Zabora was so cute though, and came to my aide. She just sat there as I figured out what to do next because I was sitting in three inches of mud.

Zabora to the rescue!!!

I made sure to tell her just how much I appreciated her helping me out.

So that was Zabora’s big adventure. She had a great time, and will be so perfect for whoever gets to keep her as their permanent adventure partner, those lucky ducks.

Time for bed. Goodnight!

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