For the love of Muploads.

Until my recent discovery of how great pictures from a “real” camera can turn out, I was absolutely glued to my iPhone camera. Whenever there was any sort of picture-perfect moment, there I was, snapping away. I’ve had my iPhone for probably, oh, about eight months, and I have over 1,500 pictures on it. Does that give you a sense of my love for capturing precious memories? I then, of course, have to turn around and share all of my candid shots with the world, known as a “Mobile Upload” (Mupload!).

Because of my love for pulling out the iPhone at every opportunity, I’ve captured some pretty cute shots of Miss Z. Of course none of them stand up to the big heavy-duty real life camera, but you just can’t carry that thing everywhere ya go! Here are a few (or a few more than a few) great Muploads I’ve managed to catch of Zabora:

Chilin out with pops.

Did you know Zabora can wink?

Nice spot to park your rear end there, missy.

Her and I like the same things in life: this boy and sleep.

Like I said above.

Always finding the best spot to curl up.

So we were sitting on 495 in dead stop traffic and I was ready to scream... until this little bugger came over and reminded me of the important things in life.

She finds the most bizarre spots to settle down.

Our mornings.

Hangin out in her diaper... aka her hospital bandages. She clearly doesn't seem to mind the outfit!

Adventuring around campus! Go Terps!

Zabora thinks the presents should be for her.

Watching soccer, one of her favorite pastimes.

She is never allowed on the bed, but this morning she wasn't feeling well and I just had to! Look how snuggly she is... soo worth it!

Snooze time.

It was a Friday afternoon at work, okay - we were both going a little crazy! She is a better lap dog than you would expect though.


Trying to be sneaky and pull the "relocate to lap" move.. and getting caught.

Her rain adventure.

Sorry for all the pictures, I hope they didn’t make your computer explode. I also hope you enjoyed the little glimpse into every day life with little Z. She is such a gem! I have enjoyed every minute of snuggling, adventuring, and hanging out with Zabora, and I wouldn’t trade getting to know her for anything.

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