GDT #3: Zabora Looks Great in Green

Good-dog Trait #3: Zabora’s ability to rock her new green raincoat.

With the recent monsoon we experienced for four days straight, Zabora made it clear she has a distaste for wetness. She would stick up her nose at the thought of going outside while it was raining. This girl is just not a fan of braving the elements. One time we were forced to go from point A to point B in the rain. Half way to point B she just stopped dead in her tracks, refusing to move. I’m pretty sure she was making a statement by boycotting the rain, and we both ended up soaked. Great idea Zabora.

On day #3 of the apocalypse, work brought me to Bone Jour, a cute grooming boutique in Bethesda. I had to discuss my upcoming event, Bark and Wine, with Bone Jour’s owner and good friend of mine, Becky. Well Becky has the absolute cutest dog stuff in her store. I spotted an adorable green doggy raincoat that I decided would look perfect on Zabora. So, being the impulse-buyer fostermom that I am, I left that day with a new doggy raincoat. Practical purchase, right?

Zabora greeted my excited homecoming with matched excitement, not knowing or caring what I was doing as I strapped on her new outerwear. I stepped back, admiring the adorable dog + raincoat combo that stared blankly back at me. So we started our adventure to the great outdoors. Check out Zabora’s green raincoat debut:

“Are you sure about this? It still looks pretty wet out there.”

“Seriously…” (This is where I tell her to trust me, this will keep her dry!)

Experiencing the bliss of staying dry underneath rain wear.

“Okay I guess I don’t mind this. But does it make my butt look big?”

“Ready to go back inside now.”

She was a good sport, but didn’t last long outside. Still, she has gotten good use out of her raincoat so far. Not only does it keep her dry, but it also makes her even more super irresistible. Don’t you just want to cuddle with this little Kermit look alike? Lady Zabora aka Kermit-the-dog — love it.

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