GDT #2 – Making the Best of a Rainy Day!

Zabora’s second recorded good-dog trait, or GDT (not to be confused with GTL), is that she doesn’t let a gloomy day get her down! This girl knows how to stay entertained with all sorts of rainy day activities. Just another example of how positive and happy-go-lucky little Z is.

Zabora’s favorite rainy day activities include:


Reading a good book

Pondering Life

Playing hide-and-seek (which she is not very good at)

Making “Zabora tacos”

Scrutinizing over what trashy tv show to watch

And at the end of all that, taking a nice comfy snooze.

She sure had a busy day while I was at work! No wonder she is asleep at my feet while I write this (also might have something to do with her great sleeping abilities).

Stay tuned to see how she faced the downpour like a brave little muppet!

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