Home is where the dog is.

Zabora seems to always find herself perfectly placed in the nooks of a house. She might not belong in all of these places, but when she gets there she just fits:

Snuggled up next to the couch.

Sprawled across the kitchen floor.

Taking up the entire hallway.

Splayed out at your feet.

Waiting patiently in the front yard.

I would consider most of these her normal hang out spots. See what I mean by “might not always belong”? I think I’ve almost tripped over her half a dozen times. But it’s because she likes to be close to you, and that melts my heart. So trip away, Z.

She is finally home with us again, and on the road to a strong recovery. Along with finding all the best dog and non-dog spots in the house, Zabora is in on another secret: sleep is the best thing to make you feel better!

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