Surviving the storm.

The storm has passed, and we are seeing sunshine ahead!

Hurricane Irene made her way through the DC area last night with minimal damage, relatively speaking. Precautions were taken in the event of worse weather, including an emergency animal shelter set up by the Montgomery County Humane Society for people who lost power or had damage to their homes. Luckily we awoke to sunshine this morning. Sending thoughts to the animals and humans in areas who got hit harder than us, and wishing you a speedy recovery.

I got to visit Miss Zabora today while she waits out her recovery at the vet’s office. She seemed better than ever, even with the bandages that make her look like she is wearing a diaper. I guess she doesn’t mind.  Our visit with her was short, but it sure was sweet – it always is with that little girl. She has been given the clear to go home tomorrow, finally!

We’ve missed you, Z! Looking forward to the sunshine you bring.

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